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Turn those Stone Age tapes into MP3s

Monday, February 08, 2010

Have you been holding off on digitizing your junior high “mixed tapes”? Presuming you still have a shoe box of cassettes labeled something like “Mike & Stacy 4 Ever” or “Mötley Crüe Driving Mix,” there is a way to forever immortalize these musical memories and play them on an iPod or CD player.

From the same folks who introduced the USB turntable comes the Ion Audio Tape2PC machine, a dual-dubbing silver cassette deck that connects to your PC via a USB cable. The company just announced it has dropped its price from $199 to $149, but hey, you can find this product “previously enjoyed” on eBay for as low as $70, plus shipping.

Digitize your entire metal and CrO2 tape collection with the bundled Windows or Mac software while also removing hisses in the process. Once it’s on your computer, you can copy to recordable media, sync it with your favorite MP3 player, or upload it to Facebook for an “old skool” throwback.

Want an even cheaper way to do it? If you still own your original cassette deck and a stereo, you can pick up an “RCA-to-mini” cable from Radio Shack for under $10 and connect it to your sound card’s input 3.5mm jack (or in a pinch, the mic-in jack on a laptop). Then use free software, such as Audacity to digitize your old tapes.

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