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Twice as nice? Lenovo unveils world's first dual-screen laptop

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

If you believe two screens are better than one -- or perhaps you already have a dual-monitor setup with your desktop PC -- Lenovo may have the product for you.

The PC maker recently unveiled the world’s first laptop with two screens.

The ThinkPad W700ds mobile workstation features a main 17-inch screen, plus a second 10.6-inch display that slides out of the right-hand side of the monitor. The viewing angle can be adjusted up to 30 degrees, just like a car’s rear view mirror.

Lenovo says this secondary display doesn't add much additional thickness. The laptop is not much bigger than its predecessor, the ThinkPad W700, but the primary WUXGA display is nearly twice as bright as previous models.

Who needs two screens? A professional photographer or animator, for example, can use the main display as a digital canvas and the secondary screen as a palette of editing tools.

Because it’s designed as a mobile workstation, this ThinkPad offers some serious horsepower under the hood, including an Intel quad-core processor, up to 8GB of system memory, mobile graphics options up to Nvidia’s Quadro FX technology and the choice of solid state (flash) or hard disk drives.

The ThinkPad W700ds is available now, with prices starting at $3,663.

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