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Excel tip: Enter same info for multiple cells

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are you a slave to spreadsheets? PC users who rely on Microsoft Excel for work (or, er, for fun) might need to enter the same information on multiple cells. But the most common way to handle this is to type the data into one cell and then copy and paste it elsewhere in the worksheet. Sound familiar?

There's a simpler way to do this, actually. To enter the same data into multiple cells in Excel -- even non-adjacent cells -- simply hold down the Ctrl key and use the mouse to click on the desired cells on the row or column. Now type in the data you want in every selected cell, such as "500" or “Employee,” but don't hit the Enter key. Instead, all you need to do now is click Ctrl + Enter, and voilà, you'll see that data appear in every selected cell.

Now go treat yourself to a latte with that extra time you’ve saved.

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